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Benny Trico

Chief Technology Officer

An executive-level position in a company or other entity whose occupation is focused on scientific and technological issues within an organization and Lead team of programmer and make application for our VR company, for information about our technology please contact him.

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Chief Executive Officer

Leading with vision and passion to develop the reality for a VR content and it's future benefits to the industry.

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Darryl Prayudha

Chief Marketing Officer

Corporate executive responsible for marketing activities in an organization. The CMO leads brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service.

VREDU is A Start Up Company

VREDU is a company engaged in the technology and VR applications to help large companies who are looking for new employees to be tested in the workplace, of course we give a different way of testing with other tests out there, we use VR so participants in the exam, you can test the results honestly and validate the results accurately.

The difference between VR technology and other ways of learning is that we can feel the sensation of learning more real practice but it is also safe for example with chemical practice if we do with chemicals that are quite dangerous we can do it through VR so we are safe from injury or disaster that might occur VR itself is a long-standing technology, but the technology in the VR era is found to not meet, therefore we make VR applications today that have sufficiently met the minimal needs of VR technology itself.

VREDU was founded by Herbeth as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Benny Trico Liumanto CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Darryl Prayudha CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Herbeth as CEO of VREDU is responsible for VREDU Business Implementation, Making Decisions, and Deciding Policies, as well as Managing Work from members, Benny As CTO makes and analyzes coding results that have been done by other members and also regulates the process of making an application / program, Darryl as CMO seeks marketing teams and markets products throughout Jakarta and looks for relationships or partnerships.

Our Works

Our works is making VR validated and able to develop in market before it's ready we survey and collecting data and make VR business a valid and great business model to be created


We're still learning about VR. The mistakes that we made during the process has led us to learn alot of hard skills and soft skills. At the same time we are building this startup VREDU to gain a greater business value as well as selling the product that customers really want and need.


Before we sell our VR product, we need to collect data that is relevant to our customers such as VR data and education data. At the same time, we have to calculate how much is needed to make VR applications which is why we find ways to get revenue through giving IT related services before we can start developing VR applications with the appropriate hardware.


And lastly, the most important thing to do in this entrepreneurship program is that we're Pitching to venture capital to promote our product and gain financial support. So far, the feedbacks from venture capitals are great for our company. It helps us to improve better and create new things with validated results.